English-Plus and Writing-Plus Clubs - The Epitome of Fluent Speakers and Writers

English-Plus and Writing – Plus Club activities were taken up as flag-ship activities wherein the students speak and write on a given topic in English bashlessly. The E-Plus and W-Plus club activities have been incorporated into school curriculum. Unlike in a traditional English speaking class there will not be any interference from the teacher. The children are encouraged to speak and write freely and fluently, while the teacher merely acts as facilitator.

The implementation of the E-Plus activity has a tremendous impact on the communicative skills of the students in English. The hesitation and phobia of the English language have vanished among the boys and girls and making the students as fluent speakers of English. Their unwanted fears to speak English are attenuated and kept at bay and now the students speak euphoniously and rhapsodizing over many issues in English.

Karadi Path – A Bedrock of English Foundation

Children would lose interest in studies and fail to understand the subjects in English if they are not well versed with English language. The Society in collaboration with Karadi Path, Chennai, initiated a programme to introduce Karadipath programme to lay early foundation in English subject for V and VI class students. The objective of this programme is to help students acquaint with basics in English in simple ways through songs, stories, actions, audio, animation and videos.

Swaeroes in-house Journal – Introducing the Students to the World of Literature

The Swaeroes Magazine (Bimonthly) is the most loved magazine and it has been introducing the students to the world of literature. The secret of its enduring success is the ability to engage students and teachers with thought provoking articles on school activities, maths, science, literature, puzzles, career counseling, personality development, jokes and adventure.

SWAERO- Authors – Preparing Future Writers

In order to bring out latent creative writing repertoire among the budding student authors, a novel and wow concept has been introduced wherein the students are encouraged to pen their own inspiring life stories. The Society conducts Swaero-authors competitions and workshops for upcoming Swaero authors to provide tips on creating writing.


The Society integrates the co-curricular and extracurricular activities into its curriculum and makes it mandatory for each child to participate in any activity he/she likes. This is the motto of the path-breaking IGNITE FEST a potpourri of different competitive activities in which students exhibit their innate potentials which play an indispensable role in preparing students for life beyond classrooms and above infinity.

S.R. Sankaran Super Lecture Trophy - Earn While You Learn

'S.R.Sankaran Super Student Trophy' is one of the unique experiments the TSWREI Society has introduced with incredible success. This one of its kind "Earn While You Learn" innovative programme, the brilliant students who have a talent for teaching skills teach their peers in a live interactive telecast on government run MANA TV.

The 'Super Student' programme has attracted the attention of many experts and experimentalists in pedagogy. This programme became an inspiring model for others to emulate and stimulated keen interest among the students in learning through teaching. The best Super Students were given cash prizes' besides a certificate of commendation.

Green Gurus – Students Teaching Students

The Society has launched yet another novel programme 'Green Guru' where students are encouraged to teach their peers. The 'Green Gurus' were chosen from the pool of 'Super Students' who showed excellent teaching skills and subject knowledge in the 'Super students Lecture Series on MANA TV'. The Gurus are sent to various schools facing shortage of teaching staff and each 'Guru' teaches a specified subject for a week in a month and he/she will receive an honorarium of Rs. 3,500 per month. The money will be deposited in their personal bank accounts for higher education purposes.

Teaching Assistants – Teachers in the Making

Brilliant and enthusiastic students who have a flair for teaching are encouraged to teach their own peer in their respective schools. It is teaching for the students and by the students. Teaching assistants teach their peer in the absence of teachers and also during study hours. This programme is intended for the edification of students.

Design for Change – Cultivating 'I Can Do' Mindset

Our children have been striving to bring about a desirable change in their respective communities to make the world a better place to live. The Society has joined hands with a non-profit organization 'Design for Change', Ahmedabad, to Cultivate 'I Can do' mindset among the students.

In a mission to develop much needed scientific temperament in every student, all the Society schools mandatorily participate in Design for Change national level competition. The Society has added another feather to its cap by figuring in the top ten best innovative projects at national level competition, 2015.

OP-Einestein -- Lighting up the Scientific Temper

A unique 'OP-Einstein' programme is initiated with an aim of promoting scientific method of enquiry among the students and to dispel the baseless phobia for Physics and Maths. The objective of the OP-Einstein programme is to train the students to question, investigate and explore things applying the principles of scientific method. The 'OP-Einstein' activities include science fairs, scientific projects, competitions, preparation of scientific instruments using waste materials, etc. This programme also helped the students to create awareness on plaguing superstitious beliefs and practices prevalent in their vicinity as is typical of rural India.

Science Fairs

Science Fairs are organized at school, zonal, district and state levels to provide platform for the students to showcase their scientific bent of mind in a wide variety of themes: Energy, Science, Technology, Agriculture, Health, Environment, Mathematics, Computers, Humanities, Economics, Commerce, History and Geography.