Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, the august and the pivotal Secretary, is the galvanizing and a leading protagonist behind launching a payback movement called “Swaeroes Network”. Today all the students of Social Welfare schools are proud to have the suffix Swaero to their names and usage of word ‘Dalit’ is not encouraged in Swaeroes guild and ideology.

Impact – Teachers Host Parents

The Impact programmes are organized across the state in all schools involving parents and teachers thrice a year on a mega scale with an objective of creating awareness about the art of parenting, importance of education, students’ regular attendance at school, career opportunities, evils of early girl marriages, etc., among the rural parents. Another objective of the programme is to bridge the gap between the teachers and the parents and make the parents as important stakeholders of the schools.

The Impact programme brought about tremendous change in the attitude of parents about the need to support their children’s education, particularly girl child education in the face of adversity and deprivation.

QUEST-Heart to Heart with Parents

The Society recognizes the inevitable significance of healthy teacher-parent relationship and the definite need for the teachers to understand the socio-economic conditions of the students’ families on a first- hand basis.

As part of this programme, during vacation or on other holidays either the head of the institution and select teachers visit the native village of their student/s to have a tete-a-tete with the parents of the students. During the discussion, the parents are appraised of the students’ progress and suggestions are given to parents about the importance of education. This programme provided a space for the teachers to appreciate various socio-economic factors in influencing students’ psychology and personal behavior, and aspirations of the parents. These important factors that have a telling effect on the child’s academic performance and his/her personality development can only be understood when there is one-to one communication between parents and teachers.

Ambedkar Vignan Kendras – Windows of the World

Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, Secretary launched Ambedkar Vignan Kendras in different villages in two Telugu states with a noble objective of cultivating the habit of reading among the rural youth. Being a strong believer in Francis Bacon’s Maximum “Reading maketh a full man” Dr Praveen Kumar has taken up this program of social upliftment to channelize the energies of the rural youth. Books on Right to Information Act, Right Education Act, personality development, women empowerment, Indian constitution, Social Reformers, English grammar, dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, etc., are made available in Ambedkar Vignana Kendras.