Till 2008 admissions were made at Class VI through an entrance examination every year. However, after the introduction of RTE Act in the year 2008, admission tests were replaced by the lottery method and entry level was changed from VI to V class. For Class XI, Admissions are given based on the marks obtained in Class X or School Secondary Certificate (SSC). However, admissions for Class IX at ‘Centre of Excellence’ are made through an entrance test. With the Government declaring TSWREIS as a special category institution under section 2 (l) of RTE Act, entrance examination system is reintroduced from 2014 -15 onwards. The quota for allocation of seats is as follows:

Caste Percentage
Scheduled Caste (SC) 75%
SC Converted Christians 12%
Scheduled Tribe (ST)  6%
Backward Caste (BC) 5%
Other Caste (OC) 2%

Reservation is also provided for children rescued from hazardous industries, bonded labour, Jogins and Basavins (people who are forced into sex industry in some of the religious institutions), children of scavengers, victims of atrocities, orphans due to natural calamities, rape victims, to the extent of 15% without disturbing the above composition.

  1. Out of 87% [75% for SCs and 12% SC converted Christians], 60% of seats are reserved for the students who have studied in TSWR Institutions and SW Hostels, remaining 40% of seats are allotted for other SC students and SC Students studied in KGBVs and those who studied in any other recognized institutions.

  2. The BC, ST, OC seats are reserved only to the students who studied in SWR institutions and SWR Hostels. Due to any circumstances, the seats are not filled with SWR Institutions / SW Hostels, the seats will be filled with the BC, ST, OC students, who have studied in any other recognized Institutions as per the merit. Where there is a tie, priority shall be given to the students of KGBV.

  3. 3% of overall seats will be reserved for the Physically Handicapped children who can attend their work without anybody's help, based on the certificate issued by the Medical Board.

  4. 3% overall seats will be reserved under sports quota,
    • Senior Nationals
    • All India sports Meet
    • Junior/Youth Nationals
    • Inter University Tournaments
    • National School Games
    • Mini or Sub-junior Nationals
    • Women Sports Festival
    • State/District /Tribal Sports/CM Cup

5. Up to 3% of the seats are to be earmarked for orphans / destitute in the age appropriate class in Residential Schools / Residential Jr. Colleges run by welfare departments and Education department as per G.O.Ms.No.47, Dated 31.08.2010 of women & Child welfare Department.
6. If no sufficient applications are received from outsiders, the vacancies will be filled in by students of TSWEIS and SW Hostel students.

The eligibility criteria for admission into class V are:

  1. Students belonging to the SC & ST community should be between 9 & 13 years and for others the age limit is between 9 & 11.
  2. The candidate should have studied in the same district for two consecutive years
  3. The candidates should have studied continuously in the respective district for the two academic years (2013-14) and (2014-15) in a Government school or in a school recognized by the Government of Telangana.
  4. During the academic year 2014-15 the candidate must be a bonafide student of Class IV of a recognized school.
  5. The parental annual income should be Rs.65,000/- in Rural areas and Rs.75,000/- in Urban areas.
  6. The candidates can apply through online to any TSWR School of the district which he / she belongs.

The eligibility criteria for admission into intermediate are:

  • The students should have passed SSC in one attempt
  • The students should apply for institutions within his / her own district.
  • Students who studied in Telugu Medium in 10th Class can also apply to English Medium Colleges.
  • If the group desired by the student is not available in the same district, the student can apply to other district of the same Zone.
  • A copy of marks memo of SSC obtained through E-SEVA / MEE-SEVA is to be enclosed to the application.
  • The income of the parent shall not exceed Rs.2,00,000/- per annum, as certified by the MRO.
  • The age of the students shall not exceed 17 years and in case of students who have studied in Social Welfare Residential Schools and Social Welfare Hostels relaxation of 1 year will be given.
  • The students should produce Caste and Income certificates certified by the M.R.O.

Amenities – Fulfilling the needs

Students walk into TSWREIS almost empty handed, but leave the institution with treasure of knowledge, confidence and robust health. The society gives the students everything that is required for their stay and study. Following are the facilities extended to the students at State's cost:

  1. Uniform-3 pairs to each student for all classes every year
  2. Towels -1 each student for all classes every year
  3. Bed sheets -1 each student for all classes every year
  4. Carpets -1 each student for all classes every year
  5. Intermediate text books -1 set to each student every year
  6. Note books -To each student for all classes every year as per book scale [ Four ruled, Single ruled, One side ruled, White short and White Long]
  7. Dictionaries - Oxford Mini English dictionary [ English to English] Supplied to all the students from 5th class to Senior Intermediate during the academic years 2013-14 & 2014-15.
  1. Plates and glasses with katora - Once in 5 years for newly admitted students [5th & intermediate]
  2. Trunk boxes - Once in 5 years for newly admitted students[5th & intermediate]
  3. Stationery items - To each student for all classes every year as per stationery scale
  4. Shoes and socks - To each student for all classes every year [ One pair of white PT canvas shoes and one pair of White socks]
  5. Track suits - 1 pair to each student for all classes once in two years


With the dedicated team of highly experienced teachers the Society has always been in the forefront of academic excellence and is getting coveted results year after year. A glimpse at the past results


State Average Intermediate State Average
1 2015-2016 8914 8022 89.99 85.63 7212 6094 80.06 62.95
2 2014-2015 8795 7724 87.82 77.56 6771 5423 80.09 61.49
3 2013-2014 8695 7769 89.35 88.62 6568 5448 82.95 65.57
4 2012-2013 5919 5440 91.91 88.08 6483 5307 81.86 65.36
5 2011-2012 8624 8200 95.08 87.84 6709 5114 76.23 58.43
6 2010-2011 9015 8423 93.43 83.10 5891 4948 83.99 63.27
7 2009-2010 8942 8535 95.45 81.63 5561 4716 84.80 64.69
8 2008-2009 7987 7426 92.98 78.83 5292 4237 80.06 60.15
9 2007-2008 8132 7129 87.67 75.47 4639 3782 81.53 64.13
10 2006-2007 7849 7054 89.87 71.65 4391 3493 79.55 62.63
11 2005-2006 5715 5290 92.56 73.16 4444 3208 72.19 57.33
12 2004-2005 5771 5271 91.34 72.41 4444 3208 72.19 46.36