TSWREIS Launches 'Green Gurus' Programme

Shivani from Nancherla school, Ranga Reddy remarked, I feel proud to be a Green Guru. I hail from a poor rural background with little access to English medium schools. Thanks to the Society for introducing programmes like E-Plus Club activity, Super students lecture series on MANA TV and Youth Parliament which played an important role in enhancing the communication skills and confidence levels of the students". I taught Telugu subject for 8th class students and the Secretary showered compliments on me for employing the best pedagogical practices like an experienced teacher. It is an unforgettable experience for me".

Srija Rani, a Class 10 student from Gowliddoi School said "I taught mathematics for 10th class students of Mahendrahills School. I never imagined in my life that I would one day teach in English language considering my family's rural background. All the credit goes to E-Plus Club activity in my school. I am very fortunate to get this opportunity at a young age. Indeed it's a dream come true for me".

The views expressed by Srija Rani and Shivani sum up the impressions of the 'Green Guru'. The Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWRIES) has launched yet another novel programme 'Green Guru' where students are encouraged to teach their peers. Launching the programme at Mahendra Hills School, the Secretary Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar thanked the government for supporting various innovative programmes for empowerment of teachers and students.

The main objectives of the 'Green Guru' programme are to nurture teaching skills among the students and to address the problem of shortage of teachers in Social Welfare Residential Schools.

The 'Green Gurus' were chosen from the pool of 'super students' who showed excellent teaching skills and subject knowledge in the 'Super students lecture series on MANA TV' in the last two years. The Gurus will be sent to various schools facing shortage of teaching staff, said the Secretary Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar. A total of 51 students were selected under the Green Guru programme and each 'Guru' would teach a specified subject for a week in a month and he/she would receive an honorarium of Rs. 3,500 a month. The money will be deposited in their personal bank accounts for higher education purposes.