Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society

Government of Telangana
Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society

Diet Charges

Category Class Existing rates Revised rates

Pre-Matric Boarders of Welfare Institutions Hostels/ Ashram Schools/Residential Schools & Including TREIS

3rd to 7th Class

Rs.750/- per month per boarder

Rs.950/- per month per boarder

8th to 10th Class

Rs.850/- per month per boarder

Rs.1100/- per month per boarder

Pre-Matric Boarders of Welfare Institutions (DAHs/Residential Institutions & including TREIS)

Inter to PG

Rs.1050/- per month per boarder

Rs.1500/- per month per boarder


WEEK Tiffin / Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner


Ragimalt with milk, Chapathi,Potato curry

Rice Biryani, mix veg .masala curry,Curd, Egg/ chicken curry,fruits

Sprouted green gram

Rice, Brinjal curry, Veg.Sambar, Butter milk


Ragimalt with milk, Wheat ravaa Chutny

Rice, Amaranth (leafy) Dal,Ghee,brinjal with peas curry, Rasam, Curd, egg

Rice flakes with Milk and jaggery,

Rice, Potato curry,Veg. Sambar, Butter milk,Fruit


Ragimalt with milk,Tomato bath / Upma with Chutney

Rice, Tomato dal,Ghee, Plaintain / Beetroot curry, rasam, Curd, egg

Sproted and boiled Bengal gram

Rice, Cabbage curry, Veg.sambar, Butter milk,Fruit


Ragimalt with milk, Kichidi with curd raitha.

vegetable biryani ,Tomato Curry, Rasam, Curd, Egg/Chicken curry

Boiled peas / groundnut cakes

Rice, Lady's finger curry, Veg.samber ,butter milk,Fruit


Ragimalt with milk,Puri with Curry

Rice, spinach dal,Ghee, Potato curry Rasam, Curd, egg

Rice flakes /Vermicelli payasam with milk and jaggery

Rice, french beans curry, Veg. sambar, butter milk, Fruit


Ragimalt with milk, Iddlies with Samber / Chutney

Rice, bottle gourd Dal ,Ghee,cabbage curry, Rasam, Curd, egg

Boiled peas or sprouted Bengal gram.Milk

Rice, beans curry, Veg.samber, butter milk,Fruit


Ragimalt with milk,Rice Pongal Chutny

Masala fried rice, Ridge gourd Dal, Ghee, Drumstick and potato and carrot masala curry, Rasam, Curd,egg

kesari with Milk and jagerry/Ground nut chikki

Rice, Drumstick dal, cauliflower curry, butter milk, fruit