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Book on Malavath Poorna Launched

Since the start of this year 2019, I picked up a lot of non-fiction books for a change and it was a pleasure reading most of them. One particular book that stood out for its unique voice was 'Poorna' by Aparna Thota for two reasons. One being it's about this young mountaineer and two the author is a good friend of mine.This book, which was sent to me by Prism Books Pvt. Ltd was not just not inspiring but informative and most honest. Malavath Poorna was just a young teenager of 13 years when she put her foot on Mount Everest. A small-town girl hailing from a family that comes under the Below Poverty Lane status, whose father and mother work very hard to meet their daily needs. The book is about her journey from her education in Social Welfare department school to set a world record. The book Poorna takes the readers on an interesting ride with Poorna's life as a trekker. In this inspiring tale, she is humble, strong, will-powered, desperate and brave. And despite all odds, she faced during the trek she is still positive and determined. This book is her memoir which she shared with us about her awestruck moment of climbing the world's highest peak.

Harvard Professor Frank Hu
Harvard Professor Frank Hu