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Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society

Student Empowerment Programmes

Swaeroes Ten Commandments

The Society introduced ‘Ten Commandments’ to inculcate a sense of self confidence and self reliance and social responsibility among the students from the marginalized communities. All the Swaeroes take oath everyday to reaffirm their commitment to the observance of the Ten Commandments in their lives. Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, IPS is considered to be the father of these Ten Commandments. Introduction of the Ten Commandments in TSWRE Institutions brought about a tremendous positive change in the attitude and culture of students towards life. The most conspicuous change observed was that the Ten Commandments infused a sense of uncompromising attitude in the face of adversity among the youngsters from poor rural background.

Super Students

'S.R.Sankaran Super Student Trophy' is one of the unique experiments the TSWREI Society has introduced with incredible success. This one of its kind "Earn While You Learn" innovative programme, the brilliant students who have a talent for teaching skills teach their peers in a live interactive telecast on government run MANA TV.
The 'Super Student' programme has attracted the attention of many experts and experimentalists in pedagogy. This programme became an inspiring model for others to emulate and stimulated keen interest among the students in learning through teaching. The best Super Students were given cash prizes' besides a certificate of commendation.

Teaching Assistant

Brilliant and enthusiastic students who have a flair for teaching are encouraged to teach their own peer in their respective schools. It is teaching for the students and by the students. Teaching assistants teach their peer in the absence of teachers and also during study hours. This programme is intended for the edification of students.

Green Gurus

The Society has launched yet another novel programme 'Green Guru' where students are encouraged to teach their peers. The 'Green Gurus' were chosen from the pool of 'Super Students' who showed excellent teaching skills and subject knowledge in the 'Super students Lecture Series on MANA TV'. The Gurus are sent to various schools facing shortage of teaching staff and each 'Guru' teaches a specified subject for a week in a month and he/she will receive an honorarium of Rs. 3,500 per month.

English-Plus and Writing-Plus Clubs

English-Plus and Writing – Plus Club activities were taken up as flag-ship activities wherein the students speak and write on a given topic in English bashlessly. The E-Plus and W-Plus club activities have been incorporated into school curriculum. Unlike in a traditional English speaking class there will not be any interference from the teacher. The children are encouraged to speak and write freely and fluently, while the teacher merely acts as facilitator.
The implementation of the E-Plus activity has a tremendous impact on the communicative skills of the students in English.

Mirror Project

Boys and girls studying in social and tribal welfare residential schools, mostly hail from rural areas where there is limited access to the English language and hardly any exposure to speaking in English. This deficiency is causing inferiority complex in the minds of students. In yet another innovative initiative, tribal and social welfare institutions installed mirrors on classroom walls, in corridors and in the dormitories to encourage students to speak in English fluently.


Coding is basically a programming language or a set of instructions that make a machine or computer to do what humans want them to do. Coding is used to create computer softwares, games, apps, websites, mobile applications, etc. Coding promotes logical thinking, problem solving, innovative and critical analysis skills. With technological and innovative skills playing a greater role in the future job prospects, students are introduced to programmes like HTML, CSS, Python, Java, etc., with an objective of providing students with essential computer skills in the future and also inspire them to take up computer science courses in the future.

Swaeroes in-house Journal

The Society publishes Swaeroes magazine bimonthly to introduce the students to the world of literature, art, science, maths and inspirational stories. It is the most loved magazine and it publishes thought provoking and inspirational stories to motivate the students to aim high in life.

Ignite Fest

The Society conducts cultural and literary activities viz. Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing, Debate (English, Hindi & Telugu), Youth parliament, Spell bee and Science fairs are conducted at various levels to nurture, develop and channelize cultural and literary skills and scientific bent of mind among students.


Algorythm provides a platform for students to showcase their talent in drama, folk arts, storytelling, theatre play, folk tales, literary skills and the Society organizes this programme every year .

Book Review

‘Book Review’ programme is aimed at inculcating reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills among students. Another objective of this programme is to promote competitive spirit among students. Students are encouraged to read books and write reviews. Attractive prizes will be given to students who write best reviews and the selected students are offered Pizzas/Burgers, Ice cream, movie tickets, books and cash, besides appreciation letter.

Career Counseling

The TSWREIS in association with Nirmaan Vidya Helpline, Hyderabad, provides free career counseling services to the students of classes IX to Intermediate to select the career opportunities available and universities for higher education. Career Helplines (Toll free numbers) are set up for the students’ convenience in every school. A selected group of teachers are trained in Career Counseling.

School Councils

The Society conducts cultural and literary activities viz. Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing, Debate (English, Hindi & Telugu), Youth parliament, Spell bee and Science fairs are conducted at various levels to nurture, develop and channelize cultural and literary skills and scientific bent of mind among students.

Swaeroes Network

Swaeroes -The coined word derives its meaning from the telescoping of ‘SW’ standing for ‘State Welfare’ and the word ‘aeros’ has its origin in Greek meaning the ‘sky’, implying sky is the limit for the young boys and girls studying in the government welfare schools/hostels. Today, all the students of Social Welfare schools are proud to have the suffix Swaero to their names.


Sports and Games meets are organized at district, zonal and state level every year to nurture the future sports-stars of India. The event was named Swaerolympics, because the Society promises the country, a Swaero Olympic star who would fetch India a medal in the near future.

Lecturers of Life

People from various walks of life (e.g., civil servants, doctors, engineers, bankers, police, revenue officers, sweepers, farmers, nurses, software engineers, attenders, etc) are invited to schools to deliver a lecture on their real life’s experiences, so that students get an opportunity to understand and appreciate the lives of people from different professions.