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Guidance and support to aspirants for Ambedkar Overseas Vidhya Nidhi. and Computer Animation Teaching Aspirants A new chapter has began in the career of the Alumni of TSWREI Society with creation of a new department called the "Department of Alumni Relations". It has been learnt that the Alumni while at the institutions were imparted the necessary skills and equipped with the essential tools to face the future challenges. However no efforts have so far been contemplated seriously to track their progress once they leave the Society. Many of the Alumni were not fortunate enough to get much needed guidance and support in the long run. To fill in this gap the TSWREI Society has decided to take an initiative to ensure a sustained progress of the Alumni.

Student Empowerment Activities

"Department of Alumni Relations" is extremely elated to share with you that all our Alumni have been crossing the traditional boundaries of heading towards the new frontiers to pursue higher education in and around India. Twelve students (five girls & seven boys) have secured admission in the premier higher learning institution i.e. University of Delhi for undergraduate courses in all meritorious colleges like SRCC, Miranda, Ramjas, Hindu and they got admission in very good subjects like Honors in Physics, Math, Commerce, Botony and Political Science. All the five girls and seven boys they all of them got hostel as well, the percentage of their marks in Intermediate is above 95 to 98 here all students comes from underprivileged, first generation learners and marginalized community with very poor socio economical background and with a ray of hope to have world class education for their bright future. Next time our mission is to admit more number of students in JNU, JAMIA, HAMDARD, and AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY and of course Delhi University.

1. To maintain a permanentrecord of all the necessary details of the alumni of TSWREI Society.
2. To set up alumni help center at the head office to address the needs of alumni (ex-students), present students.
3. To appoint counselors from among the qualified Swaeroes who can in turn provide career guidance, and information about job opportunities in coordination with govt, public sector employers and NGOs.
4. To arrange facilities for training programmes to deserving candidates as per their needs.
5. To conduct placement campaigns to the deserved ex-students and coordinate with the present job market.
6. To coordinate with the employment agencies like DICCI, SWAEROES organized employment exchanges.
7. To organize different industrial tours and provide training to young entrepreneurs to enter into business or set up own manufacturing units


Parent empowerment:

To conduct outreach activities to the parents of present studying students, alumni the ex-students regularly on monthly / quarterly basis. Awareness campaigns to parents regarding their children future Endeavour and settlement in life.generation of girls to give shape to their dreams.


Dr.Praveen Mamidala
Joint Secratery
Department of Alumni Relations (DAR)
Email:[email protected]


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